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Awesomeburner is a simple yet great news feed aggregator that tracks what's happening on news sites and blogs from all over the world on the web.

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Advertious is a contextual advertising network.

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Glavpodcast is a podcast publishing platform and podcast aggregator with an online player, content delivery network and listen statistics.

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ProCDN is a web application firewall and content delivery network for static and multimedia content.

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Our Stack


The Linux operating system has been developing for more than thirty years and during this time it has gained great popularity among system administrators and programmers. Because of its architecture, Linux is most often used on servers and other similar platforms for hosting projects. Like any other operating system, Linux needs maintenance, tuning, and troubleshooting.


We take a unified approach to managing configurations using the Ansible tool, using a declarative markup language to describe configurations. Ansible allows us to automate the configuration and deployment of software, container and virtual servers.


Our own cloud-based infrastructure is managed by OpenStack, which gives us and our customers a unified approach to managing computing resources..

Docker Swarm and Kubernetes

Our team uses Docker Swarm and Kubernetes clusters, which ensures stable operation and speed of update delivery in all supported projects.